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Emerging Trends in Financial Crime

Explore the evolving landscape of financial crime in the digital age with this 30-minute webinar featuring insights from industry experts.


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Watch. Learn. Improve.

The digital world has brought many benefits to our lives, but it has also created new opportunities for financial crime. With the increasing popularity of online banking, mobile payments, and cryptocurrencies, it is more important than ever to be aware of the latest financial crime trends. This 30-minute webinar recording from September 2023 brings together industry experts to discuss the latest trends in financial crime and share their insights.
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Pierre Simon, CAMS, CCEP-I, CDPO

Pierre brings more than 10 years of experience to his role as a senior compliance consultant. He helps large public-interest entities to improve their compliance frameworks. His expertise and passion for knowledge sharing have made him a renowned instructor, having trained many professionals to date. Pierre is also a Certified Auditor for ISO 19600 & 37001. 

Thaïs Croes

Thaïs joined our team in April 2022. She loves doing analytical work and has a growing understanding of sanctions, European laws, and how to translate these into Dutch legislation.

She is the lead anchor for our YouTube channel, The Compliance Connection, where she presents complex compliance topics in an accessible manner.

Thaïs also has an important role in the development of our quarterly webinars.
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